Softer option for high-conductivity gap pads

Bergquist has extended its family of S-class low-modulus gap pad materials optimised for high thermal performance by introducing Gap Pad 1500S30, which achieves thermal conductivity 1.3W/m-K and bulk-hardness rating 30 (Shore 00). The new formulation increases choice for designers seeking efficient heat removal from fragile components in cost-sensitive applications. The low-pressure conformability and wet-out characteristic of Gap Pad 1500S30 excludes interfacial air even when surfaces have high roughness or uneven topography. In addition the outstanding conformability also reduces stress on component leads and prevents bowing of circuit boards, as well as providing low-stress vibration damping and shock absorption.

Like other S-class materials, Gap Pad 1500S30 also has inherent tack on both sides, which saves applying adhesive and promotes easy handling during assembly. The silicone-based material also includes fibreglass reinforcing for high resistance to puncture, tearing or shearing.

Gap Pad 1500S30 is available in sheet form or as die-cut parts from 0.508mm to 3.175mm thick. The continuous operating temperature range of 60C to 200C allows use in applications such as heat-pipe assemblies, hard disk drives, power supplies, memory modules. Gap Pad materials such as 1500S30 can be inserted between a heatsink and any type of heat-generating semiconductor such as a memory IC, power transistor, module, or signal-path components.

Gap Pad 1500S30 adds to Bergquists S-class range including Gap Pad 2000S40, 2500S20, 3000S30 and 5000S35, which have thermal conductivity 2.0W/m-K, 2.4W/m-K, 3.0W/m-K and 5.0W/m-K and bulk hardness 40, 20, 30 and 35 respectively.