Solar cable lasts over 25 years

Multi-Contact has introduced its new FLEX-SOL-XL cable for solar power applications. The single-pole, double insulated cable has been developed for heavy duty, low voltage, outdoor or indoor wiring and has an expected usable lifetime in photovoltaic (PV) applications of 25 years or more. Use of chemical cross-linking in the insulation produces greater reproducibility and increased material homogeneity, as well as giving the cable improved long-term temperature stability in high humidity environments. The new insulation also provides higher mechanical strength, improved abrasion resistance and greater flexibility in cold conditions.

FLEX-SOL-XL’s space-saving design with a fine-wire stranded tinned copper core ensures its electrical and mechanical performance remains constant over the lifetime of the PV installation.

The cables are halogen-free, flame retardant with low smoke emission and conform to RoHS regulations. They are certified to the latest TV standards and UL approval is pending.

Available in three standard colours, the cable has nominal cross-sections from 1.5 to 10.0 mm2, corresponding to current ratings from 30 A to 98 A, all with a rated voltage of 1000 Vdc. Its long-term temperature stability means that it can withstand temperatures of -40degC to +120degC for longer than 20 000 h, as opposed to >500 h for earlier cables.

FLEX-SOL-XL can be used with Multi-Contact’s rapid assembly PV plug connectors.