Sound straight onto glass

A versatile new glass-mounting version of the Series 56 Multi-Tone Sound Module is now available from EAO. Designed with new-generation public transport vehicles in mind, this product can be mounted direct to glass, faster and with fewer holes. The unit connects on each side of the glass through a single, central hole with fewer fixing screws.

The module is built to meet EAOs very high standards of quality, reliability and durability. Sealed to IP69K from the front, this product is shock-resistant, vandal-resistant and flame retardant. It can be mounted anywhere, even outside in areas which are jet washed. The speaker is moulded from rugged polycarbonate in a choice of two attractive designs: conical or flat fronted. It is protected by a chromium-plated or thermoplastic bezel in a choice of bright, contrasting colours.

The Multi-Tone Sound Module (MTSM) answers the need for a sophisticated device that will emit a range of different sounds according to the change in status of equipment or machinery. For instance, it can be used on trains to help the visually-impaired locate a doorway and notify them that a door is closing. It is pre-programmed with 5 standard tone sequences that are commonly used as warning, orientation, acknowledgment or approval signals, but it is a significant improvement over conventional buzzers because the signals can be modified according to the customers needs.

The MTSM belongs to the market-leading Series 56 range of switches – one of EAOs most well-known products. The distinctive, brightly coloured switch has been successfully used in over 100,000 applications throughout the world. Among the other products in the Series 56 range are single and double-sided pushbuttons and indicators and secret-until-lit indicators.