Sourcing naval cable

Aerco now supplies SeaGuard DS cable products from Habia Cable that are designed specifically to comply with the requirements of naval applications. Fire performance, size and weight, fluid and oil resistance, flexibility, abrasion resistance, strength, and screening effectiveness are all factors that are considered in addition to electrical performance when designing cables for naval systems. SeaGuard DS cable complies fully with the criteria set out in the UK Defence Standard 61-12 (Part 9)/5, (Part 18)/l5, (Part 25)/4 and (Part 31)/2, as well as other national navy standards. SeaGuard DS cable products include screened and un-screened, multicore and multipair cables as well as coaxial cables for use in virtually all naval applications.

Custom designed cable products can be supplied when standard products do not provide the ideal solution or when a customer requires to incorporate various power and signal wires into hybrid cables.