Space-saving C-PCI solutions

Schroff UK has expanded its 19in maxpowerPRO family of switched-mode power supplies with the addition of a 6U model designed specifically for high-power CompactPCI applications.
Featuring an output of 500W, the new 13100-145 power supply operates from an input voltage range of 90 to 264V AC with power factor correction (PFC) and delivers output voltages of five, 3.3, 12 and -12V.
As well as incorporating a P47 connector conforming to the PICMG 2.11 CompactPCI specification, the power supply also boasts the reliability demanded by CompactPCI applications in the communications, industrial, military and aerospace sectors.
Measuring 6U high by 8HP wide by 172mm deep, the unit is supplied with an EMC seal and a 19in front panel including handles.