Space saving small signal transistors

Central Semiconductor has announced the release of the CMBT3904E (NPN) and CMBT3906E (PNP) small signal transistors in the space saving SOT-923 surface mount package. Both devices are 40V general purpose transistors with a maximum collector current of 200mA and outstanding low typical VCE(SAT) specifications of 0.057V @ 10mA and 0.1V @ 50mA. The SOT-923 surface mount package has a maximum profile (height) of 0.41mm and occupies 1.1mm x 0.65mm of board space. These new devices are ideal for todays smallest electronic products, utilizing 75% less board space than the SOT-523 with a 47% lower profile. This package has a power dissipation of 100mW and is RoHS compliant.

The CMBT3904E and CMBT3906E are available bulk packed or 8,000 pieces on 7 tape & reel. Pricing for these devices start at US$ 0.068 each for 8,000 pcs on tape and reel. Sample devices are available upon request.

Central Semiconductor manufactures innovative discrete semiconductors and is always eager to explore design engineers’ requests for special requirements.