Specify high reliability e600 performance

Extended reliability versions of Freescale’s MC8640/8641 32-bit single or dual-e600 core processor are now available from e2v. The PC8640/8641 and PC8640/8641D are ideal for demanding applications including aerospace and defence, networking and storage and wireless infrastructure. The new processors offer unbeatable performance, connectivity and integration of the high-performance e600 core for demanding applications including aerospace and defence, networking, and storage and wireless infrastructure. These extended-reliability 32-bit processors operate from -55C to 125C and are the next level in extended-reliability performance from e2v based on their successful partnership with Freescale semiconductor.

The PC8640(D) features single or dual e600 cores running at up to 1250 MHz, and the PC8641(D) single or dual e600 cores running at up to 1500 MHz; operating over a market leading extended temperature range of -55C Tc to +125C Tj. The processors also include dual 64 bit DDR2 memory controllers, to match the bandwidth requirements of two cores, two flexible high-performance I/O ports, dual 8-lane PCI Express ports, and high-performance serial point-to-point link commonly used to connect a variety of other on-board high-performance devices for applications such as defence guidance, video processing and aircraft cockpit displays.

These integrated processors leverage the combined expertise of e2v and Freescale Semiconductor by coupling Freescale Semiconductors renowned e600 Power Architecture with e2vs world-class reputation for the development and manufacture of extended-reliability IC products said Eric Marcelot, e2vs Hi-Rel Microprocessor Marketing Manager, adding: This latest level of performance and integration can replace what could take up to four ICs using other solutions. When coupled with the extended temperature range, the PC8640/8641 processors open up a whole new range of design options for System Designers working on extended reliability requirements in extreme conditions.

The PC8640/8641 processors are manufactured on Freescales 90nm process technology and are now available in an extended-temperature range (-55C to +125C) in CBGA Hi-TCE 1023 pin package.