Specify reliable power up to 225°C High Temperature Power MOSFET Transistors

Cissoid has introduced a new family of high temperature 40V N-channel power mosfet transistors said to offer reliable power control in harsh environments from -55 to 225C. These new devices named CHT-NMOS4005, CHT-NMOS4010 and CHT-NMOS4020 are rated respectively for 5A, 10A and 20A maximum drain current.

The CHT-NMOS40 power MOSFETs exhibits outstanding high temperature performances, At 225C, CHT-NMOS4005s gate leakage current remains below 500nA, while its drain off current is as low as 10A and its turn-on delay time is 30ns. On-resistance and input capacitance of the family range respectively from 0.15 to 0.40 and from 460pF to 1.4nF.

The CHT-NMOS40 family of CISSOID enables the design of any system requiring reliable power control in a harsh environment from -55C to +225C, from motor drivers, DC-DC converters and SMPS, to inverters. With CHT-NMOS40, system designers can improve cost, reliability and weight whilst banning fluid cooling from their application such as industrial process control, car battery chargers and aircraft actuators.

CHT-NMOS4005 and CHT-NMOS4010 are available immediately for sampling and evaluation in TO-254 Metal Can package. Pricing starts at 201.40 up to 200 units.