Speedy sensor solutions

ZF Electronics has produced a new catalogue detailing its full range of speed and position sensors suitable for demanding environments, including extremes of temperature, humidity, thermal shock and vibration. Products include magnetic position sensors, vane sensors, geartooth speed only/speed and direction sensors and angular position sensors. Three additional ranges of custom sensors (rugged rotary encoder, magnetic inertial imbalance and magnetic speed and direction) are also shown.

There are seven standard sensor product types in the catalogue: ten magnetic position sensors including digital Hall-effect, low-profile, snap fit, threaded and flange mount (the MP series), plus the DS series of button-activated sensors; the VN series of magnetically-activated digital vane sensors which have no mechanical contacts for prolonged operating life; geartooth speed sensors (GS series) with threaded housing or flange mount in either adjustable stainless steel or aluminium housing; SD1002-SD1012 geartooth speed and direction sensors for wheel, transmission and hoist speed and direction applications; and two series of contactless angular position sensors.

ZF Electronics Cherry sensors utilise innovative packaging and sealing technology, enabling these sensors to perform under extreme conditions, such as temperatures up to 150degC, immersion in solvents to IP68 and exposure to salt spray, dust, gravel and repeated thermal shock.

OEMs that need a custom sensor are offered design expertise from ZF Electronics knowledgeable engineers. The company has 3D magnetic modelling capabilities, in-house stereolythography and prototyping, as well as testing facilities to provide concept evaluation, design and product validation and conformance testing to international standards.

Cherry branded sensors are well-known for being durable, highly reliable and offering excellent price/performance. They suit a wide variety of applications, particularly those in the automotive industry, heavy trucks, off-road vehicles, domestic appliances and medical equipment.