Supporting fan customers

Orion Fans has developed a three-point program to support both new and existing customers cooling needs. Maintaining the largest available inventory of AC and DC fans and fan trays in the world, one of the industrys shortest lead times, and an extensive product line that crosses to all major competitors product offerings, Orion Fans offers customers a readily available source for new and drop-in replacement cooling solutions Customers who have been hurt by the economy and are looking for a cost-effective cooling solution, along with customers who are looking to replace their original fan supplier because they are out of business or no longer carrying stock, can quickly identify the equivalent Orion Fans part number and access our available inventory, said David Luna, product marketing manager for Orion Fans.

Orion Fans products that cross to major competitors parts include 3-, 4-, 6- and 10-inch AC fans, 1-inch to 10-inch DC fans, as well as side-inlet AC and DC blowers. Standard fan options available with all Orion Fans products include dual voltage, high performance, low noise, tachometer output and thermistor control features.

Many competitors treat these options as specials or apply longer lead times for the additional functionality, Luna continued. Not only do we have an extensive cross reference, but we also have the ability to respond quickly to any request for special options.

Orion Fans expansive product line provides a wide range of cooling solutions for a variety of standard and specialty applications such as telecommunications, networking and computer equipment; cabinets, panels, electronics enclosures, industrial controls, servers and motor drives; as well as harsh environment applications and those specified for energy-efficiency.