Suppressing Emissions At Source

Frequency control specialist, Euroquartz, recognised demand from customers having difficulty with equipment failing EMI testing. As a solution, the company has introduced a range of spread spectrum oscillators (SST clocks) in conjunction with several large OEMs

Spread spectrum oscillators can reduce clock generated EMI emissions by up to 10dB. Traditionally, this was overcome with additional EMI screening such as ferrite components, RF gaskets and shielding. Spread spectrum devices reduce the need for these additional components.

The EQHM range is designed to offer a cost effective solution for clock oscillator generated EMI problems without the need for expensive, time consuming PCB redesigns. The 7 by 5mm ceramic package is most popular but a 5 by 3.2mm version is available in full and half size DIL formats.

Frequency range is five to 220MHz, with a choice of modulation rates and frequency spreads. Applications include medical equipment, photocopiers and audio equipment.