Switch supports smaller ultrasound systems

Texas Instruments (TI) has introduced an integrated, eight-channel, transmit/receive (T/R) switch designed to help OEMs build smaller portable ultrasound systems, while speeding time to market. The TX810 integrates a protection diode bridge and clamp diodes for each of its eight channels to prevent the high-voltage pulses of the transmitter from damaging the receive electronics of the ultrasound system. The device saves more than 50 percent board space over discrete solutions in portable to mid-range ultrasound systems, and the component reduction and easier handling brings higher reliability to designs.

Key features and benefits of the TX810 T/R switch
Eight integrated channels save more than 50 to 75 percent board space over discrete solutions, depending on T/R architectures
Integration allows for faster designs and higher reliability due to fewer devices and easier handling of components
Programmable bias currents allow designers to adjust and reduce power consumption:
o 3-bit interface used to program a 7-mA range of bias currents
o Power-down mode to reduce power consumption
Optimized insertion loss maintains integrity of input/output signal at 400 load with 0.9 dB at 7-mA bias current and 1.3 dB at 1-mA bias current
The TX810 completes TIs signal chain offering for ultrasound systems together with the AFE58xx family of analog front ends, the TX734 high-voltage pulser and a broad portfolio of embedded processors for medical imaging, power management products, clocks and interfaces.

Availability and pricing
The TX810 comes in a 36-pin 6 mm x 6 mm QFN package. Samples are available now, with full production scheduled for December 2009. The device is priced at $6.00 in 1,000-unit quantities.