Switched on purchasing

Three new Hua-Jie switch ranges are now available through Components Bureau: the TSW sealed tact switch; the TSY closed type tact switch; and the LED pushbutton switch. First is the Sealed Tact Switch series TSW. Both TSWBF and TSWBH versions offer water resistance functionality in up to 10cm of water and operate consistently for 1000 hours in 95% humidity. With only a 10mmx10mm footprint, these surface mount switches are available at either 13mm or 23mm heights.

The TSWBK versions are suitable for tougher operating environments, able to withstand an operating force of 400gf through the mushroom tip. For manufacturing processes where auto-insertion is preferred, the TSWD version is available.

Secondly, Components Bureau is promoting the TSY series from Hua-Jie, a normal closed type tact switch suitable for Bluetooth, Cell Phone and GPS devices. The TSYS has been created with a larger top surface to the stem, improving mounting speed, and is packaged with a 16mm wide embossed taping making it ideal for auto-insertion manufacturing. The TSYS is just 6mmx5mm and operates in a standard temperature range of -20c to +70c.

In addition, is the LED Pushbutton Switch- 420 series. Ideal as an alternative to mec and unimec push button switches, it is suitable for application in personal and handheld computers as the compact size is perfect for keypad layouts. This modular switch features alternative or momentary action and a progressive building block approach. The 420 Series is available in a wide range of button and cover choices, with single or multiple LED options and in 9 different colours.