Swot up on revision tactics

The European Commission and senior industry representatives will give an insight into the planned revision of the EU directive on waste from electrical and electronic equipment (WEEE) at a conference in Brussels hosted by Agra Informa. Set to run 1 and 2 October, this will be the company’s fourth conference on electrical and electronic waste. Keynote speaker Kurt van der Herten is the Commission official leading the revision work, which has the potential to iron out difficulties and harmonise the rules Europe-wide. This event aims to give delegates the opportunity to hear from the horse’s mouth what the main features of the WEEE revision are likely to be.

Speakers from Hewlett Packard, Dell and Philips Consumer Electronics will also share their experience of implementing individual producer responsibility, coping with impact of the EU directive in the global market and managing compliance.

Topics include an analysis of the effect of the directive on the internal market, the successes and problems which individual member states have experienced and the role of eco-design on the reduction of waste.