Tackling supply chain challenges

For over forty-five years the CSCMP has provided the freight transport and logistics sectors with an efficient forum for the exchange of views, for debate on topic issues and for learning centred on the challenges with which the supply chain professional has been faced. In addition to keynote presentations given by industry leaders, this year exemplified by Gary Maxwell of Wal-Mart and a myriad of learning exchange opportunities, the Chicago Conference will once more feature the in-depth track sessions for which CSCMP has become rightly renowned.

This comprehensive programme of over a hundred track sessions is carefully designed to allow delegates to access knowledge that is directly pertinent to their own individual business circumstances. They can learn from colleagues facing similar challenges and share solutions to their every-day problems. CSCMP emphasises the intensely practical nature of its conference experience.

We believe in networking within a focused business format, through which delegates are able discussin detailtheir own supply chain environments, share ideas and innovations with fellow professionals and experts in their fields to determine effective business strategies, comments CSCMP CEO and president, Rick Blasgen.

The unique nature of the Conferences myriad of tracks means that a very diverse and comprehensive set of topics and issues can be covered in detail; leaving the individual delegate to plan the use of his or her time at the Conference to be well spent. As one past delegate, David Faoro, a Director of Supply Chain at The International Group Inc., describes his experience It was a very efficient use of my time in that I could attend only this one conference and cover everything from logistics to procurement to transportation and customer service. The networking opportunities were also great and I learned much from meeting with fellow practitioners.

The CSCMP Annual Conference is also well respected for its lack of commerciality. Speakers, presenters and moderators, who are from all sides of the discipline, are chosen for their expertise and promotion of services and products is not allowed. The sole intent of all aspects of the Conference is to impart knowledge and share views. From its vast experience the CSCMP has learned that delegates are firmly appreciative of this knowledge-based approach to conference attendance.

So with over a hundred educational sessions organised into twenty tracks, the delegate to the CSCMP Conference has to have his or her time well-planned and be prepared for an active three days. The topics covered range from warehousing and third party logistics to inventory management and demand planning; from supply chain integration and the metrics to measure success to risk management and global infrastructure assessment.