Take the pressure off

New from ITT Interconnect Solutions, the BIW Feedthru for metal clad instrument cables is a robust pressure-blocking connector intended for easy wellhead installation. It is designed to provide a secure pressure barrier for single conductor instrument cables, even in the event of a downhole cable failure. This robust pressure-blocking connector intended for easy wellhead installation on top of a tubing hanger or on the top flange. This configuration allows the tubing hanger to be landed without delay.

Intended for installation in any type of well where a permanent downhole gauge may be installed, the connector will withstand up to 10,000 psi pressure. Installation is fast, easy, and requires minimal training. No soldering is required at the wellhead.

The Feedthru provides sealing to the exterior of the metal clad cable, and it provides a positive block against fluids or gasses that could pass through the metal clad cable in the event of a downhole breach. Sealing is achieved using a combination of tapered sealing threads and O-rings. Attachment to the wellhead requires only a 13mm opening (1/2-14 NPT), and the installed length of the Feedthru, including top connector, is less than 330mm. The maximum diameter of the installed device is 57mm. The top connector is angled with a 60-degree bend to help guide the cable away from the wellhead. For maintenance, the entire assembly may be easily disassembled.