Taking current to the board

Use up to 50 mm2 conductors to simply transfer 150A/1000 V directly and safe to the printed circuit board!

Technology trends, such as energy efficiency, higher power density or the integration of power, signals and data, are an ever-increasing challenge for engineering, but even a success key for the application.

The LXXX 15.00 meets the increasing market demands for safety, power density and miniaturisation with the proven steel-clamping yoke technology, integrated to a compact standard housing to create an efficient solution for the entire value chain from development beyond production to installation and maintenance. As a form and function factor, the connection system also influences reliability and design as well as the cost and operability of an application. For example, by substituting complex bolt or current-bar designs, the printed circuit board becomes a future-proof, integrated system platform, even for the upper high-current range

Error-free wiring proof contact
The integrated wire guard feature prevents miswiring, such as inserting a cable outside the yoke, and thus protects against an invisible fusing contact, which is particularly dangerous at high currents.

Efficient processing reliable connection
The universal Multi-Tool screw head for flat and crosshead blades: fast actuation and excellent power transmission whether manually or with power tools ensures a permanent, secure contact pressure even for the largest conductors.

Standard-compliant integration
With expanded clearance and creepage distances based on device standard IEC 61800-5-1, the LXXX 15.00 can be integrated with no additional covers.

High loading capability safe operation
In addition to high environmental standards, the halogen- and phosphorous-free WEMID high-performance insulating material from Weidmuller also meets the requirements for maximum system availability: with an RTI (Relative Temperature Index) of 120 C, the LXXX 15.00 exceeds the maximum continuous operating temperature of standard PA (100C) by + 20K. The advantages: more performance reserves for maximum safety in case of temperature cycling and overloads.

Flexible marking fast inspection
Dekafix marker: The options and advantages during labelling: custom (direct labelling), flexible (Dekafix marking strips) or cost-efficient (adhesive strips).

Test point: Reliable and safe operation and maintenance have top priority, particularly in the power range. The test plug, available as an accessory, also enables long-term measurements.

Unrivalled clamping
With an unmatched clamping range, the LXXX 15.00 securely and robustly connects conductor cross-sections up to 50 mm2 / AWG1 to the printed circuit board. The self-actuating, locking Weidmuller steel-clamping yoke has proven itself to be 100% maintenance free a countless times over