Testing AdvancedMC modules

Electronics packaging specialist Schroff has introduced a new 3U, 4-slot MicroTCA system that has been developed to provide a convenient platform for the testing and evaluation of AdvancedMC modules. Based on Schroffs ratiopac-PRO 19in. desktop case, the new integrated system includes a special MicroTCA backplane, four extra-wide AdvancedMC slots, a 400W ATX power supply unit with a wide input range of 90 to 264VAC, and active cooling using a total of eight 5V fans.

The topology of the backplane has been specifically designed for testing AdvancedMC modules, with CLK, JTAG, data and management lines accessible to external measuring equipment via connectors on the rear of the backplane.

In addition, the backplane incorporates power management for the AdvancedMC slots, automatically setting the four Enable inputs on power-up. Individual slots can also be controlled independently by switches on the front panel.

Each AdvancedMC slot measures 12HP in width to allow side access to installed modules, and the top cover of the case and upper guide rails can easily be removed to accommodate double-size AdvancedMC modules, if required.