Tough, compact industrial keyboard

Devlin Electronics hasa announce the availability of the new KFM-096 industrial keyboard into their industrial products range. The keyboard is designed to be compact and rugged for use in confined and harsh working areas. Designed specifically for rugged industrial, factory and process control applications the keyboard has been developed for users for whom confined space is a major consideration. The KFM-096 features a reduced footprint of only 345x170x45mm crucially this is achieved without removing the function keys or the number pad from the keyboard.

Reducing the footprint of the keyboard without compromising on the functionality was highlighted as a key consideration particularly for process control applications. Another new feature for this Devlin industrial keyboard is the inclusion of VESA mounting points, allowing users to secure the keyboard onto wall or equipment brackets.

As is expected from a rugged industrial keyboard the KFM-096 is designed to meet IP65 and NEMA 4 certifications meaning it is sealed against the ingress of liquid and dust. The keyboard is also constructed to be suitable for use in a wide temperature range from 0 to 50C and can be safely stored in temperatures ranging from -20 to +60C.

Users familiar with Devlin will know that their custom keyboard expertise mean both foreign language and custom legend variants are available without significant cost implication.

If you are working in a tough industrial environment where equipment must be designed to survive extreme conditions then this is the ideal keyboard for you. A compact footprint without losing the function keys or a separate number pad will prove extremely popular with our industrial customers. commented Martin Baker, Devlin Electronics’ managing director.