Tracking down a tiddler

Designed for use in smartphones, PDAs, personal tracking, navigation devices and mobile phones, the new AP10 antenna patch from Alpha Micro Components is the smallest in the distributor’s Taoglas range. Originally, developed for use in a touch-screen Smartphone device, this compact GPS antenna facilitates location-based services in handheld devices. To ensure the antenna is compatible with all GPS receivers Taoglas can supply the patch in two formats: high-gain two stage low noise amplifier (LNA) and low-gain one stage LNA.

The GPS patch antenna is available with a cable and connector which can be used for direct connection to a module or an on-board connector. A surface mount version is available for on-board integration.

Director of European operations at Taoglas, Dermot OShea, said: Our ceramic antennae are right-hand circularly polarised to ensure the the best performance even when facing sideways or upside down.