Two-pole protection

Schurters IEC connector power entry modules are now available with a two-stage line filter for high attenuation over a broad frequency. The FKHD and FKID models consist of a C14 appliance inlet type according to IEC 60320-1 with a two-pole line switch, fuse holder and filter. Modules are ideal for use in medical applications according to IEC 60601-1 as well as for general data communication or similar industrial applications according to IEC 60950. The two-stage version suits measurement and audio equipment, where an optimal signal-to-noise ratio is required.

The fuse holder offers one or two pole protection via five 20mm fuse links. These can only be replaced when the power cable is removed, ensuring a current free fuse replacement. Modules are available in nickel-plated metal or in aluminium and all filters are available as a medical version for rated currents at one, two, four, six and 10A.

Available as standard in a pre-wired configuration that eliminates time taken to fit link wires, component layout also allows a line interruption by the switch close to the power entrance, reducing standby-losses. The FK range is approved for one to 10A 125/250VAC, 50/60Hz.