Two synchronous step down DC/DCs in one package

The new XCM517 Series multi-chip module (MCM) from Torex Semiconductor combines two XC9235/XC9236 synchronous step down DC/DC converters in a USP-12B01 (2.8 x 2.3 x 0.6mm) package. The integrated devices are suitable for space conscious battery-driven applications, such as mobile phones, PDAs, digital cameras and other portable equipment. The IC operates from a supply voltage within a range of 2.7 to 6.0V and switching frequency can be selected from 1.2 or 3.0MHz to suit the application. As for operation mode, the XCM517 xA and xB models are available with PWM control and the XCM517 xC and xD models are user-selectable as either PWM or PWM/PFM automatic switching control via the CE/Mode pin.