Two week delivery on SMD oscillators

MEMs based oscillators provide a drop in replacement for conventional quartz based devices, with the advantage of short-lead times from AEL Crystals.

AEL Crystals is able to supply MEMS based oscillators on extremely short lead-times. With the current global shortage of Ceramic bases for conventional quartz based oscillators pushing lead-times out to over 8 weeks many customers are finding it difficult to satisfy production requirements. MEMS devices offer a drop in replacement to the customer with the advantage of very short lead-times.

MEMS resonators are a breakthrough technology that can replace Quartz Crystal as the frequency source in many electronic systems. In addition to offering performance advantages versus existing technologies, MEMS resonators are typically smaller, lower power and offer improved shock and vibration resistance.

The AEL MEM20, MEM30 & MEM60 series MEMS Oscillators offer a wide range of specification options, all being available from stock for next day delivery on sample quantities with production quantities up to 10K pieces being available within 1~2 weeks lead-time.

Options available include:

2.5×2.0mm, 3.2×2.5mm, 5.0×3.2mm & 7.0×5.0mm SMD Package sizes
1.0000MHz to 150.0000MHz frequency Range
1.8V to 3.3V supply voltages
0oC to + 70oC, -20oC to +70oC or -40oC to + 85oC operating Temperature Ranges
+/-25ppm or +/-50ppm frequency stability standard, custom specifications available

Benefits of utilizing MEMS devices include:

Pin compatible drop-in replacements for industry standard crystal oscillator packages
Semiconductor reliability
Short high volume lead-times
lower power requirements – longer battery life
Cost effective
Improved reliability