Tyco and FCI cross-license power connectors

Tyco Electronics announces their MULTI-BEAM XLE power distribution connector family has been licensed with FCI. Building upon the existing cross-license for MULTI-BEAM XL and PwrBlade connectors in place since 2000, this new license will create a certified second source for the higher performing MULTI-BEAM XLE connectors. Tyco Electronics new MULTI-BEAM XLE connectors are the latest addition to the MULTI-BEAM XL power connector family. This new product offers up to 20 amps per linear inch a 40% improvement in current-carrying capacity than the MULTI-BEAM XL in the same footprint. They offer more configuration options for power and signals, 40% lower mating force, and higher durability cycles due to the new contact and housing designs.

‘With a certified second source for MULTI-BEAM XLE product, customers will have the confidence that comes with pre-qualification and the additional market capacity to better support market demands, says Mike Blanchfield, global family leader for power connectors at Tyco Electronics. By broadening availability of the leading power connectors popular in the datacom and telecom markets, we make it easier and faster for customers to design and bring to market new products.