Ultra-linear push-pull amplifiers

RF Micro Devices has introduced a portfolio of push-pull amplifiers designed for multiple CATV infrastructure applications. The CGA/CGR product portfolio includes the CGA-1518Z and CGA-7718Z amplifiers for forward path, downstream applications and the CGR-0118Z and CGR-0218Z amplifiers for return path, upstream applications. Each amplifier in RFMD’s CGA/CGR product portfolio leverages the Company’s proprietary HBT8D InGaP HBT process technology, combined with ‘push-pull’ architecture, to deliver best-in-class Composite Second Order (CSO) distortion performance. RFMD’s push-pull amplifiers are designed for ultra-linear amplification in current and next generation CATV applications, including multiple dwelling unit (MDU) amplifiers, low cost line extenders (LE), and customer premises equipment (CPE).

The CGA-1518Z matches the gain of competing +12 Vdc push-pull amplifiers with lower multi-carrier distortion and a reduction of > 1.5 Watt in DC power consumption. The CGA-7718Z offers higher gain and lower multi-carrier distortion performance than the CGA-1518Z while consuming 1 Watt less DC power than competing +12Vdc push-pull amplifiers. The CGA-1518Z and CGA-7718Z push-pull amplifiers are ideal for applications that require superior broadband amplification and must conserve DC power, such as CPE, MDUs and battery back-up cable and telephone networks carrying voice, data, and video.

The CGR-0118Z offers the broadband industry’s only 25-dB gain surface mount device (SMD) return path amplifier capable of ultra-linear +50 dBmV RF output per channel performance from 5 to 65 MHz combined with low multi-carrier distortion, excellent modulation error ratio (MER) and low DC power consumption. The CGR-0218Z provides unmatched 5 to 210 MHz bandwidth for ultra-linear return path applications requiring a SMD package, making it ready now for ‘mid-split’ return path architectures and ‘future proof’ for soon-to-be-implemented DOCSIS 3.0 compliant 5 to 85 MHz return path networks. The CGR-0118Z and CGR-0218Z meet the performance requirements demanded by channel bonding capable return path networks, MDU class return amplifiers, and CPE cable modems.

RFMD leads the world in III-V semiconductor technology innovation and is the world’s leading manufacturer of GaAs HBT and InGaP HBT process technologies.
Production quantities of the CGR-0118Z, CGR-0218Z, CGA-1518Z and CGA-7718Z are available immediately.