Uniting global supply chain expertise

The CSMP’s annual global conference in Chicago will address the increased global extent of supply chains and the way that this has changed the remit of the organisation. The Chief Executive Officer of CSCMP, Rick Blasgen, explains the relevance to the international community of this years Conference in more detail. In the current age of competitive international markets, companies rely heavily on the robustness of their supply chains and this strength in turn depends on the skills and wisdom of its practitioners. As a professional association, the CSCMP recognises the need to help these practitioners maintain their skill levels and extend their knowledge; in brief, we have our members career advancement at heart.

Blasgen and his team are expecting around 15% of the attendees in Chicago to be from outside the US. Past Annual Conferences have had a strong contingent of international supply chain professionals, a third of which came from Europe, over 20% from Asia and Oceania and the rest from the Americas. As the CSCMP has thousands of members throughout the world with expertise in all functions of supply chain management, it has great value to companies whose trade is international. Efficient and well-constructed supply chains are crucial to the beneficial effects of globalisation throughout the world. It is this trend that has extended the influence of CSCMP throughout Europe, the Middle East and Asia.

Delegates to the CSCMPs Chicago Conference will be made up of senior practitioners, with nearly 70% being of Director-level or above and 40% of the Fortune 500 companies being represented. In fact, at last years Annual Conference, the Fortune Top 50 organisations sent delegates. All sectors of industry will also be represented; from the food and beverage sector, through pharmaceuticals, auto, electronics, IT, clothing and textiles, retailing to chemicals and plastics, furniture and paper products.

As ever, at CSCMP Annual events, the Chicago Conference will deliver a comprehensive programme, carefully designed to allow delegates to access knowledge that is directly pertinent to their own individual businesses. Blasgen emphasises the importance of sharing solutions. We believe in networking within a focused business format, through which delegates are able discuss in detail their own supply chain environments, share ideas and innovations with fellow professionals and experts in their field to determine effective business strategies, he said.