Upgraded features on a new rugged LCD monitor

Devlin Electronics has announce the availability of the brand new XG12 & XG12i rugged LCD monitor. One of the most popular screens in the Devlin range it is now enhanced with even greater functionality. The XG12 & XG12i is designed to meet the challenges of rugged environments previous models have been used in; embedded equipment, industrial locations, the automotive industry and security applications. Devlin believe that the upgraded XG12 & XG12i screens will prove just as popular – many companies have already expressed an interest in refreshing the now obsolete versions.

Users familiar with the older versions of XG12 series will immediately notice the change to units with a remodelled full metallic die-cast aluminium alloy case which not only looks different but is even more rugged than previous versions. The monitors are now also protected up to IP67 so can be used in environments which may expose them to liquid or dust.

Users will also note that the performance of the units is upgraded in many areas. The XG12 range has always been able to accept a wide range of DC power inputs between 8 and 18 volts but it can now operate on AC power with the use of an optional adaptor. The monitors now also feature USB connectivity, where previously RS232 has been the default option this move to offer USB means the monitors can now have integrated sealed speakers.

In addition to these enhancement the screen output itself has been upgraded and now provides a screen that is easily read even in bright sunlight conditions thanks to a new maximum luminance of up to 1000nits with specially designed anti-glare glass. Even the touch screen option does little to reduce the luminance of the screen with it still readable in the brightest of conditions.