Wafer level device integration

Reel Services MicroTape has been designed for high-speed-placement of components which need to be supplied within an accurate media and precise orientation. The use of standard feeders which usually already exist at the PCB assembly contractor makes for a solution which is both easy to use and straightforward for engineers to implement. MicroTape, taped and reeled components are easier to handle than wafers or other adhesive based tape systems providing for less component attrition due to handling problems. Where an assembly requires only a partial quantity of devices from a wafer, MicroTape provides a method of future placement for remaining devices ensuring that they may be used without the possibility of blue or UV film frame foil tearing rendering them useless.

For users of multiple dies or flip chips on a single PCB or substrate assembly, standard placement machine feeder locations used with MicroTape enable multiple WLP device placement, another advantage over die bonder foil based solutions where only one wafer may be accommodated and picked from at any one time.