Wall-mount enclosures on a diet

TEKO have launched the new ‘OVOTEK-WALL’ cases which have been designed for modern indoor wall mounted electronics. Applications will include door entry and security systems, equipment controllers, detection devices, medical electronics and much more. ‘OVOTEK-WALL’ cases have a unique low profile oval shape, and are moulded in off-white ABS (UL94 HB) with external dimensions of 165 x 103 x 20 mm. The assembly consists of the top section and a snap-in flat transparent rear plate which also acts as the wall mounting fixture. The rear plate has a large aperture for cable access and screw pillars for mounting PCBs, displays etc. There are no visible fixings as the case snaps together and requires a flat screw driver to open.

Two models are offered. The MOK1 features a recessed area for mounting a membrane keypad or 4.3 TFT display module. The MOK2 has a domed top section for discreet equipment which may only require an LED indicator, for example security detection equipment.

TEKO can supply the OVOTEK-WALL enclosures with additional holes for push-buttons, connectors and controls etc., plus silk-screen printed legends and logos. The cases can also be moulded or painted in alternative colours. Standard prices start at 8.