Waveguide couplings reduce installation time

The latest innovation from Link Microteks Engineering Division is a range of quick-release waveguide couplings that have been specifically designed for rapid installation and are therefore likely to be of particular interest to maintenance personnel in the defence, broadcast and telecommunications sectors. Manufactured from Alochromed aluminium with stainless-steel threaded inserts and screws, the QRF series couplings attach to the rear of waveguide flanges and do not interfere with the mating surfaces at all. Consequently, there is no detrimental effect on system performance.

The self-aligning couplings are equipped with dowels to ensure precise positioning on waveguide flanges, while the use of
spring-loaded screws prevents parts from being lost during installation or removal. The screws are designed to be finger tightened – even with a gloved hand and also incorporate hex bolts to allow the use of a torque wrench, if required.

Available in different versions to suit all popular waveguide sizes, the QRF series of couplings are ideal for any application where waveguide needs to be assembled and disassembled.

In addition to the standard QRF coupling pairs, Link Microtek can supply custom quick-release flanges, which allow one coupling half to be attached directly to a static flange.