Weigh up the benefits

Connector specialist, ODU, has developed a custom connector for linking load cells in weigh platforms, particularly those used for checking goods vehicles. Each connector is cabled to link load cells at the corners of the weigh plates with a distance between cells of up to 12m. The last unit is attached to a long cable, linked to the base station to transmit load measurements.

Located under the platform in a recess that can fill with water, the load cells are sealed with O-rings and encapsulated. The housing receptacle is also welded and glass sealed to the load cell, which is said to provide moisture and dust protection for up to 20 years with an IP68 rating. Finally, the cable has an external metal braid that acts both as a shield and as protection against rodents.

Receptacle housings are stainless steel to allow welding and plug housings and the bayonet ring is zinc die-cast. Cable strain relief is provided through shield crimping.