When less is more

The new CN-H relay targets high load applications such as lamp loads, motor fans, electrical heaters and power distribution applications that have been switched by mini and micro ISO relays. The CN-H relays innovative design allows it to switch remarkable loads despite being extremely compact. For example, it can switch 30A or carry up to 45A for 2 minutes at an ambient temperature of 20C. Thus, the CN-H relay complements our existing product range by offering an even higher switching capacity than our popular CP relay.

Compared to the micro ISO relay, the footprint was reduced by 40% and the volume by 52%. The optimized, miniaturized design yields an impressive nominal operating power rating of just 640mW or 450mW, which helps to reduce the overall current consumption in the car.

The CN-H relay is a sealed, wash tight relay (RT III) with a 1 Form A contact arrangement and 12V nominal coil voltage. Two coil types offering a 6.5V or 5.5V pick-up voltage are available.

The CN-H relays compact size, PCB terminals and low power consumption make it ideal for direct integration into the electronic module – instead of placing in the central switching (fuse) box. This Smart Junction Box approach reduces costs by simplifying harnessing and making relay sockets redundant