World’s smallest TV receiver

Elonics has developed a state-of-the-art silicon tuner to enable what is believed to be the worlds smallest TV receiver. Elonics collaborated with product design house, Vencer, who created the ultra-miniature DVB-T USB dongle for the global consumer electronics brand Hama What is remarkable is that the tiny plug-in-and-play TV receiver is not constrained to high-spec PCs. Elonics tuner, combined with a Realtek modulator, allows easy-to-access TV reception on all laptop, desktop and netbook Windows-based PCs. .

The ultra-miniature receiver attains extremely high performance, surpassing NORDIG and EMBRAI requirements, allowing quality television reception even under demanding conditions for the best user experience.

Elonics CEO and Founder, David Srodzinski said, This is a fantastic consumer device showing what is possible with Vencers cutting edge product design using Elonics state-of-the-art silicon chips to create a world class product for Hama. With the global take-off of digital TV this brings the neatest TV solution to anyone who has a PC of any shape or form.