Your guide to computing product

The new 112-page Kontron Product Guide 2009 offers a comprehensive overview of Kontrons embedded boards and mezzanines, Computer-on-Modules, HMIs and displays, and systems and platforms. All of the standards based form factors and platforms are backed up by Kontrons comprehensive customization and ODM (Original Design and Manufacturing) services that are featured for the first time in the 2009 Product Guide Highlights from the new products include the ultra-small (10cm x 7.2 cm) Kontron pITX Pico-ITX embedded single board computer that offers maximum connectivity on an extremely compact and highly cost-effective standardized footprint. Kontron also launches its support for the new VPX standard with two VPX processor boards that bring maximum serial bandwidth over the backplane to ultra rugged applications. Another first in this years Product Guide is the range of 1U and 2U carrier grade Communication Rack Mount Servers acquired from Intel.

Kontrons portfolio of standards based COTS products is the basis for the companys custom designs and solutions and Original Design and Manufacturing (ODM) services. Kontron customers benefit from its existing technology by reduced costs and development time. Kontron offers OEMs cost-effective custom design and manufacturing services worldwide for smoother project management and faster time to market. From Computer-on-Modules and SBCs to embedded integrated systems and application ready platforms, Kontrons global customization and ODM services cover the full project life cycle, i.e. development, material management, manufacturing, logistics and EOL services.

The new 112 page Kontron Embedded Computing Product Guide 2009 is available now as an interactive CD, in print or online as a PDF.