ZigBee modules sidestep RF approval

Designed to help customers get to market quickly, Jennic’s new integrated modules, based on its JN5148 wireless microcontroller, eliminate the expense of designing an RF board or going through RF regulatory approvals.
Initially targeting ZigBee PRO applications, the range comprises: the JN5148-001-M00, which features an integrated printed antenna; the JN5148-001-M03, which connects to an external antenna via a built-in uFl connector; and the JN5148-001-M04, which in addition to the uFl connector integrates an additional power amplifier and low noise amplifier, for extended range applications of up to 4km.

The extremely low power consumption of the JN5148 means these modules require just 15mA when transmitting and 17.5mA when receiving, operating from 2.3V to 3.6V with 98dB link budget (118dB for the extended range M04). All of the modules integrate a 4Mbit flash memory that provides a large amount of local data storage and can be used to allow over-the-air upgrades.

All of the modules operate over the 40 to +85 degrees C industrial temperature range and are available now through distribution channels.