Mouser boosts portfolio with RF energy harvesting

Mouser Electronics, Inc. and Powercast Corp. have signed a global distribution agreement that allows the catalog distributor to sell Powercast’s Powerharvester receivers. These devices harvest RF energy (radio waves) and convert it into DC power for low-power applications over distance. The devices are available from stock.

The Powercast P2110 915-MHz Powerharvester receiver can provide intermittent power for battery-free devices or pulse-charge batteries while the Powercast P1110 915-MHz RF Powerharvester receiver continuously trickle-charges batteries or provides direct power.

Mouser also offers the Powercast Lifetime Power Energy Harvesting Development Kit for wireless sensors, which is a complete demonstration and development platform for creating battery-free wireless sensor applications powered by RF energy. The kit, which was co-developed with Microchip, contains everything needed to convert RF energy into DC power.