Toshiba NAND shipments to slow due to power outage

Source: Objective Analysis

Shipments of Toshiba’s NAND flash memory could be 20 percent lower through February due to a brief power outage in December at the company’s manufacturing fab inYokkaichi,Japan, reported Jim Handy, semiconductor analyst at Objective Analysis,Los Gatos,Calif.

It’s unclear whether the outage impacted only one or all four Toshiba fabs in Yokkaichi. Handy said Toshiba’s Y1 and Y2 fabs each have a run rate of about 35,000 200-mm wafers per month, while the Y3 and Y4 fabs each have a run rate of about 150,000 300-mm wafers per month.

Based on similar NAND fab outages, Handy expects tightened capacity and moderate price increases. He does not advise OEMs “to make any hasty moves to shore up lines of supply.”  NAND is priced at $1.20 to $1.40/GB in December and has been trending down. The market analyst projects an oversupply in the second half of 2011 with prices falling to about $0.50/GB by year end.