100% active when designing with passives


In this article, DMTL’s MD, Patrick Leahy, explains as a design distributor DMTL take its role seriously, investing a high percentage of its team effort and company logistics in developing designs in the United Kingdom

Distributed Micro Technology Ltd, known today as DMTL, started life in the late 1980s working alongside component manufacturers and helping customers integrate the latest passive components into their designs. Suppliers include AVX, East, Holystone, HTR and, most recently, Thinking Electronics and Viking Tech.

AVX TPM Series, Super lower ESR Multi-Anode Tantalum

As a result, DMTL is recognised as a leading specialist supplier of circuit protection devices, frequency control components, resistors, capacitors and specialist connectors, plus ceramic devices, sensors components approved to military standards.

Specialist design distributor

DMTL’s commercial director, Pete Jones, said: “Specialist knowledge in the passives field remains a key determinator for our customers, who seek our assistance and support across the board. Of note this year are developments in AECQ (automotive), Mil and Hi Rel applications. Many of these technology have subsequently fed into the commercial market, for example flexible termination and arc protection for ceramic chip caps.”

Leahy added: “Our role, specifically as a design distributor, continues to be acknowledged and used by our customers, many of whom are market leaders in a variety of sectors including power supplies, automotive systems, fire and security products, lighting, medical electronics and aerospace and defence.”

AVX THJ Series, High temperature for automotive and industrial applications

Precision resistive specialist

During 2011, DMTL won the franchise for resistive and precision resistive specialist Viking Tech. Key to Viking Tech’s success is the combination of the technical advantages of thin film processes with the cost benefits of thick film technology, allowing Viking Tech to develop ranges of precision resistors, current sensing resistors and RF inductors. With manufacturing tolerances down to 0.01 per cent and TCRs down to just 5ppm, Viking Tech has become a leader in ultra-precision devices.

Also, Viking Tech has invested in manufacturing facilities to speed delivery, a huge advantage when lead times are extended across the passive components spectrum.

Thinking circuit protection

Another recent franchise is Thinking Electronics, recognised as a leading manufacturers of circuit protection devices for over-temperature, over-voltage, over-current, ESD and surge.

Product includes negative temperature coefficient thermistors, ceramic positive temperature thermistors, zinc oxide varistors, polymer positive temperature coefficient thermistors, temperature sensors, humidity sensors and gas discharge tubes.

Focus on military and aerospace

Last year DMTL increased its focus on the military and aerospace sectors. For MIL-spec product a key partners is leading passive components manufacturer AVX which produces variety of High-Rel ceramic and tantalum capacitors. DMTL has worked alongside AVX for many years, helping customers design-in existing AVX products and also assisting in the development of new components specifically for DMTL customers and their applications. AVX passive components can be found in many military applications including communications systems, fighter aircraft, UAVs and weapons.