Bringing home the business

Anglia created a custom supply chain solution for United EMS

A contract with component distributor, Anglia Components, has helped UK EMS provider, United EMS, to win a high volume electronics manufacturing contract against Chinese competition, bringing it back to the UK.

Director and co-owner of United EMS, Tony McFadden, said: “This is a great story for the UK electronics industry. Working in partnership with a UK distributor we have managed to beat Asian competition and bring a major manufacturing contract back to the UK.

“Anglia has the right infrastructure to support the UK electronics industry, but more importantly, it was prepared to think out of the box on its relationship with us, to create a supply chain solution that allowed us both to win.”

Marketing director, semiconductors at Anglia Components, John Bowman, added: “United EMS are to be congratulated on bringing a volume electronics contract back from Asia. All of us at Anglia are delighted to have been able to hep make this success possible.”