Fostering Future Connections

WiPES is a unique pinless connector,offering power and data transfer

In conversation with Martec’s managing director Dan Harnett, Electronics Sourcing was keen to explore the company’s investment in purchasing support, plus a radical new technology called Wireless Integrated Power Electronics Systems

Q: Buyers are always looking to reduce their costs and improve their supply chain efficiency. What is Martec doing to help?

A: With 25-years’ experience designing and manufacturing hermetic connectors and glass-to-metal seals, Martec has amassed a portfolio of skills, experience and products which allows it to propose low cost solutions based on known technology, possibly off-the-shelf. However, if the customer’s requirements are more specific our design and manufacturing departments swing into action to offer a bespoke solution.

Q: In the current financial storm, buyers are looking for stability. Where do Martec’s strength lie in terms of financial strength and future investments?

A: Martec funds its investments in people, plant and product from cash. With the arrival of a new sales director, the company offers a strong management team including experienced heads of engineering (design, processes and emerging technology) and operations (facilities, manufacturing and product quality).

Q: What are the latest products to emerge from this team’s efforts?

A: Wireless Integrated Power Electronics Systems (WiPES) is a novel new connector technology developed by Martec. This pinless connector offers power (up to 5W, 200mW nominal) and data transfer. Free from mating connections, this hermetic, single or multi-channel product offers a compact, self-contained solution in applications from process control sensors to motor sport environments.

With data rates up to 10kbps WiPES offers digital communication using data protocols including RS232 and USB.