Inductor offers perfect package

A new range of type UPI A 1004 power SMT inductors have been released by Total Frequency Control (TFC). Devices are said to offer the lowest height and minimum DCR values in this package footprint. They are shielded and can handle high transient spikes without saturation. Applications include small power supplies, DC/DC converters and VGA cards.

Two types are available: type A operating up to 1MHz and type C, operating up to 3MHz. Both feature an ultra-low buzz noise RoHs-compliant construction. The package footprint is 11.8 by 10.5mm and 4.2mm in height and operating temperature range is -55 to 125°C. Inductance range is 0.30micro Henry to 28micro Henry with a corresponding peak current range of 28A to 5.0A.