No need for external filters

Military connector specialist, Weald Electronics, has introduced a new filtered connector designed for applications demanding EMI suppression. The LMHF filter connector is based on Weald’s MiL-C-26482 series one compliant LMH bayonet coupling circular connector and is designed to eliminate the need for external filters, reducing weight, assembly time and costs.

These miniature bayonet connectors come in a choice of three shell styles and nine shell sizes with contact configurations from six to 55. They are offered in both fixed square flange or single hole mounting styles. Shells are made from aluminium alloy with a standard finish of olive drab chromate conversion over cadmium plate. They feature gold plated, non-removable solder or PCB type contacts. Inserts are polychloroprene with an operating temperature range of – 55 to 125ºC.

A variety of filter values and configurations can be realised within a single filtered connector and as a result, C, LC and Pi section filtering can all be accommodated within a single shell.