Software set to maximise productivity

PCB and contract electronics manufacturing services provider, Exception VAR Europe, is now utilising a customer relationship management (CRM) package form Maximiser Software.

With sites in Calne and Tewkesbury in the UK, Penang in Malaysia, Mumbai in India and Chicago, USA, needed a centralised and easily accessible CRM system that could streamline sales and marketing.

Customer services director for the Exception Group, Rob Phillips, explained: “Automation of commercial workflow, such as quotes production, and reducing reliance on spreadsheets, paper and whiteboards was a priority. Sales force automation, with provision of customer data through Blackberrys, laptops and desk-based access, was also important, together with detailed tracking of quotes and orders so that the ratio of quote to order conversations could be increased.”

Maximizer Elite Business Partner, Qic Systems, helped Exception VAR test-drive the software online and then installed Maximizer CRM11 on the eXception server.

The result is increased visibility of performance across the operation, freeing up time for staff to spend on building customer relationships. Management reporting is improved, both in terms of speed of turnaround and richness of content. Key metrics, such as ratio of quote to order conversion, quote turnaround times, progress to quota on customer contacts / visits, and revenue targets are also easy to track.

Rob Phillips concluded: “Later this year, Maximizer CRM will be rolled out to the rest of the group in the UK, as well as to eXception VAR Asia in Penang. We are also investigating how we can use it to automate the workflow involved in expediting orders placed with our Asian suppliers. In addition, the team is looking at ways of using the marketing module as a platform for permission-based marketing campaigns.”