Stay cool sourcing PTC thermistors

Murata offers its PRF15 series miniature positive temperature coefficient (PTC) thermistors for overheating detection in a range of consumer electronics devices. Applications include notebook and tablet computers, cellular phones and LED lighting modules. Protection circuits in lithium-ion battery packs and motor coils are also possible applications.

Featuring a temperature tolerance of ± three degrees Centigrade, the series comprises devices with detection temperatures in the range of 80 to 150°C in 10°C steps. Across the series the thermistor resistance at 25°C is 1kOhm, with preferred detection points occurring at 10kOhm and 100kOhm values. For example, the PRF15AR102RB6RC part detects 135°C at 10kOhm and 150°C at 100kOhm. Maximum voltage is 32V DC.