Stock or rapid manufacture, the choice is yours

As FC Lane’s managing director Simon Hammerton explains, substantial stockholding and on-site assembly are driving electronics buyers to their connector products

With its commitment to holding high volume stock profiles on its most popular connector products, Lane Electronics is well placed to support customers in industrial, military and aerospace sectors. Thus, Lane Electronics is an ideal source for the following connector types: circular, aerospace, coaxial, RF, audio, MIL DTL 38999, MIL C 26482, DIN 41612, PCB, D, and filter, plus back shells.

In addition to its stocks, Lane Electronics also has franchised assembling agreements with Souriau and ITW McMurdo designed to reduce lead times. Products include Souriau’s MIL DTL 38999 approved fibre optic and naval bronze connector types. The company holds IECQ CECC, BS9000, ISO and QPL approvals.

Micro38999 connectors

During 2011, Lane was first to introduce Souriau’s micro38999 circular connectors which are designed as compact, lightweight connection solutions for military, aerospace and industrial applications. Micro38999 connectors are available in three different fastening systems: screw, bayonet and push-pull. They feature removable crimp contacts which allow on-site wiring or unwiring. Up to 26 contacts can be accommodated in a choice of five layouts.

Simon Hammerton said: “The new micro38999 connectors offer the best possible performance from the most compact models currently available allowing size and weight savings as much as 50 per cent when compared with regular MIL-DTL38999 Series III connectors.”

Micro 38999 products can be supplied in classic galvanic coatings, plus non-reflective black zinc nickel protection to satisfy the latest RoHS directives.

Lane Electronics is a franchised distributor and stockist for connector manufacturers including Huber + Suhner, Souriau, Radiall, ITW McMurdo, ITW Pancon, Polamco, Weald, Coninvers, Neutrik, Binder and Amphenol.