When space matters

Panasonic Electric Works‘ Y3 series FPC connectors are contributing to the miniaturisation of various devices thanks to their pitch of 0.3mm and maximum height of 0.9mm.

The YF31 and YF32 series offer types with between 15 and 51 contacts. With its side-mounting tabs, YF31 lends itself to connecting flexible printed circuits (FPC), ensuring that the FPC is correctly aligned inside the connector, thereby preventing failures during mounting. The YF32 series has no tabs and can also be used on flexible printed circuits. Layout is the same for both series and switching back and forth between the components is said to be easy.

The YF33 series has versions with between seven and 51 top and bottom double contacts and works according to the back-lock principle. One connector accommodates either top or bottom contacts.

Ambient temperature range is from -55 to 85°C and the maximum rated current is 0.2A at 50V AC/DC.