You will be back

Tioga managing director, Warwick Adams, explains why recent investment has got customers coming back for more

Having increased its manufacturing area from 18,000 to 28,000ft², Tioga is undertaking major investment including modernising and expanding its production capabilities, employing 30 new staff and creating dedicated training facilities. The expansion supports the company’s contract electronic manufacturing services, which cover a broad spectrum of electronic assembly, complete product manufacture and turnkey solutions.

The heart of Tioga is its manufacturing facility based in Derby. This boasts a comprehensive capability for manufacturing complex and technically advanced products that can be tested and, where required, configured into systems ready for shipping to meet customer requirements.

Tioga has increased production for all aspects of surface mount assembly to include six automated Mydata assembly lines including three MY19 systems, two MY15, one MY12, one MY9 and two MY100 Synergy lines. All are fitted with DEK printers and dedicated reflow or Vapour phase ovens. Tioga has also invested in two more Mirtec AOIs, bringing this up to four and an X-Tek x-ray machine which will be installed in the New Year.

As Warwick Adams explained: “Tioga chose Mydata as its preferred partner for placement machines because of the versatility, large board capability and in-built electronic component testing making Tioga faster and smarter. It’s about responding to our customers’ needs with the fastest, most agile solution on the market, which we believe is the Mydata option. The assembly of µBGA, BGA and package on package (POP) are now everyday placements for Tioga and it is our intention to keep at the forefront of complex and highly sophisticated electronic assembly.

“Gone are the days of predictable orders and uniform batch sizes. To succeed today, you need to manage last-minute customer demands and disruptive peaks in production. In this environment, new opportunities depend on a solution that’s not just faster, but more agile. Tioga uses smart material handling and information management to make us more responsive and get more jobs done day after day.”

Technology investment is backed by factory approvals to ISO9001:2008, ISO13485 and UL. This is combined with well-trained staff to ensure internationally respected quality standards and compliance with IPC-A-610 Rev E.

Warwick concluded: “Consider us an extension of your own purchasing and manufacturing department. From the design stage, through to prototype, pre-production, small, medium and large volume production and evaluation, we provide customers with true out sourcing and turnkey facilities at all levels. Tioga is able to guarantee a complete PCB procurement and assembly service with technical back-up, while offering a price advantage and continuity of supply.”