One display, three backlight options

Versatility is the catchword for the 120 by 32 pixel T120-5 line of graphic displays from Electronic Assembly. Three variants are available, with different background illumination, catering for a variety of applications from ultra-low energy consumption to radiant clarity in blue-and-white. Modules are ideal for battery-powered and mobile devices as well as industrial and consumer electronics, with an optional touch panel, which allows the graphic display to function as the control centre of its companion device.

Designed for optimal performance in mobile, battery-powered devices, the EA T120L-53 is a reflective, non-illuminated display said to offer readability, even in direct sunlight, while consuming very little energy.

The EA T120A-54LED comes with yellow-green LED background illumination and a positive, transflective STN display, which boasts legibility under all lighting conditions, including total darkness and direct sunlight. With a service life of 100,000 hours, it can be operated continuously.

Finally, the EA T120B-54LW, a negative-transmissive display with bright white LED background illumination, shows information in a radiant blue-and-white colour for applications that do not require permanent backlighting.

All modules are equipped with two graphics controllers, one for the right side of the display and the other for the left. A built-in reset facility ensures excellent power-on behaviour and a power-save mode reduces consumption during periods of inactivity. An operating temperature range of -20 to 70°C withstands outdoor and demanding industrial applications.