Get a feel for quality

With a history of making its own products in-house, EMS Manufacturing really understands what customers are looking for when it comes to quality, flexibility and service

Q. Is EMS Manufacturing a new company?

A. The EMS Group has been around for nearly half a century, with its roots firmly in the UK. EMS Manufacturing was born out of this long history, having established itself through manufacturing in house products for the high security and life safety markets.

Q. What are EMS Manufacturing’s USPs?

A. Having been established for such a long time, EMS has experience of the necessary steps to take a product from concept to point of sale. An established supply chain and long term partnerships have been developed to ensure quality and reliability of supply. The company’s loyal, local workforce is also highly trained and used to delivering quality on time, every time.

In keeping with the focus on quality of service and delivery, the EMS factory is equipped with the latest process equipment and software. Approval to the environmental ISO 14001 and medical ISO 13485 further demonstrate commitment to high quality operations.

Specifically, EMS aims to approach business relationships with flexibility and ease. Dedicated project controllers are appointed where required and customers are encouraged to call in often to view the progress of their products. Regular factory tours also enable potential customers to view services and processes. No one should be expected to make a supplier commitment without the opportunity to see and feel the company.

Q. Where does EMS Manufacturing’s experience lie?

A. Through the group’s overall trading history, EMS Manufacturing can demonstrate broad and in-depth knowledge. The company has a high level of expertise in the different demands of small, medium and large runs and can implement appropriate production systems to suit particular market requirements. An OEM background and product development tooling means EMS can bring drawings and ideas to life using a rapid prototyping service.

Q. What about product quality?

A. Being a manufacturer of its own product, EMS understands that customers must be confident that every product is of the highest standard. Validation processes include AOI, x-ray, automated test and random sampling, while its production processes offer maximum traceability.

Q. What advice would you offer future EMS Manufacturing customers?

A. Without a doubt, the first thing would be to keep it British. Britain has a tendency to undersell its capabilities, when in fact, we have some of the best examples of world class manufacturing. For example, the range of capabilities and options offered by EMS Manufacturing, from ease of contact and UK location, to wide ranging process capability and a commitment to focus on each customer’s specific requirements.