Gold star quality shines out

DJ boasts long-term relationships in the aerospace, automotive and instrumentation sectors

Originally acquired as a value-added service for Cyclops Group customers, EMS provider Daniel Josefsson is now shining in it’s own right

Initially, Daniel Josefsson (DJ) was acquired by independent electronic component distributor, Cyclops Group, to provide additional services for its customers. This small to medium volume contractor was subject to the Cyclops Group makeover and now, instead of being a valuable addition, this little nugget is shining in it’s own right.

To find out how, meet up with the team at Electronics Sourcing Live, where the company will be demonstrating its range of electronic manufacturing services.

First and foremost, quality, communications and customer service are delivered on time with a desire to exceed customer expectations. A growing number of the group’s customers are using the service and their demands are driving investment in new skills, training, facilities and equipment.

From the receipt of a bill of materials (BOM) through to the end product, Daniel Josefsson (DJ) will work to deliver competitive costs and high quality, on-time. The company works to develop a unique service package to get new, existing or revised products to market on time, with no hidden charges and within budget.

In line with its desire to exceed customer expectations, DJ has assembled a core of like minded companies offering high quality services in areas such as design, fabrication, testing and IP. Off-shore production can be arranged where appropriate.

There are some solid reasons to consider this UK-based manufacturing facility. DJ’s low to medium production capabilities will support customer competitiveness with a clear proposal at the outset and no hidden costs. The company also aims to provide proactive communication with rapid quotation, set up and delivery, keeping clients informed at every stage of the production process.

DJ offers an individually tailored service and can act as an extension to customer’s own manufacturing facilities to meet fluctuating demands. Alternatively, it can help with special projects, initial runs and modifications. Finally, DJ offers global sourcing and materials management expertise.